Our Story

Andrew is a sixth generation Montanan with roots leading back to an original homestead near Livingston, Montana. He spent his early childhood in Yellowstone county and then moved to his current home in Northwest Montana near Glacier National Park.

Below is a quote from a recent interview;

“My wife and I were both raised in Montana, in fact when we got married my wife moved out of the very log home she was born in. One of the great things about Montana is the abundance of natural resources that surround us. We find ourselves in awe of the clean air, mountain views, and crystal clear water that make Montana so special.

Montana's statehood began in the year 1889. We often wonder what life would’ve been like in those days. One thing that has never changed in Montana is the love and appreciation for timber and the way of life provided by sustainably harvesting, milling, and crafting with wood. 

Our Montana roots have inspired much of what we choose to create. We hope to design pieces that will be as intriguing as they are functional. Our pieces should stand out as a statement in a modern setting and they should compliment homes of timber. We are looking forward to providing a piece for your home and hope to see you join the Studio 1889 family”

Our Studio

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